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Doctor and Patient

Financial Health

We are going to take you through a process to ensure that your financial future is heading in the right direction. Here are the areas that we will be looking at.

We work with over 70 mortgage lenders and have access to 1000's of mortgage products.

We are not tied to one specific lender.

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Residential Homes

Your Mortgage

We will be assessing you in the following three areas: 



We will be assessing how much you can borrow from over 70 high street lenders.


No situation is the same. We will match your lending criteria with that of the lender. This ensures that when we apply to a lender, you’re fitting the bill, and this can save valuable time and avoid unnecessary mistakes.


All mortgages come with terms attached. For example, the length of a fixed rate, or the amount of an early repayment charge. We will ensure that your mortgage fits in with your terms and budget.


Your Mortgage and
Lifestyle Protection

We will be covering you in the following three areas: 



Using population and industry statistics, we will carry out a risk assessment on your health and lifestyle and advise on the chances of something serious happening to you.

The Risk

We will  do our research to minimise, as far as possible, the financial risk to your lifestyle, mortgage debt and financial future.

The Plan

We will offer a solution, based around an agreed budget. This ensures that we reduce the risk down to a minimum, to better protect your finances, lifestyle and family.

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Your Buildings and Contents

Here's what we will do: 


We are going to make sure that you get the best level of cover from some of the country’s top insurance providers. Our panel has been selected to only include the best, as we think your deserve it.  Level of cover and value for money is key. We will assess your needs and offer the best priced policy from our panel of insurers.

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Your Trusts

Here's what we will do: 


We will make sure that when you die, your money goes to the right people. We will ask you the right questions to establish who you want your money to go to, and we will set up the paperwork to make that happen.

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Your Free Will

Here's what we will do: 


We understand the importance of having a Will and making sure your estate is in order for when you die. That’s why we teamed up with an online Will writing company, and decided to stand the cost of writing your will. We will help you log into the online portal and guide you through the basics. Once your logged in, you can finish writing your Will, which will be checked by a professional. The portal is easy to use and it gives you peace of mind that your estate is in order.

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Your Pensions, Investments and Estate Planning Referral

Here's what we will do: 


Your retirement planning is something we care about, along with how you invest for your future. Leaving this stone unturned is not something we like to do and as part of your health check, we will take a look at what you have in place and  if necessary, we will book you in with our financial advice partner to ensure that you’re heading in the right direction.


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Amy C.

Fab service from both Ben and Mel to help me and my partner buy our first property! The whatsapp group chat is a great idea as it helps keep us both up to date with what is happening through the process. Thank you so much Ben and Mel! :)