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Protection Services

“No one here gets out Alive” Jim Morrison. We don’t want to imagine the worst, but we have to face it, and most importantly, be prepared for it. Losing loved ones, becoming critically ill, being unable to work through sickness, illness, injury or disability can have devastating financial consequences

We work with over 70 mortgage lenders and have access to 1000's of mortgage products.

We are not tied to one specific lender.

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Our team will help tailor a suitable financial portfolio by offering you life insurance, in the event of your death.

Cancer, heart attack and stroke

Our team will help you cope by advising and tailoring a suitable financial portfolio that will include critical illness cover.

Sickness, Disability & Unemployment.

Our team will help you cope by advising and tailoring a suitable financial portfolio.

What are your chances?

We have teamed up with LV, for you to use their

Risk Reality Calculator



We have updates explaining the process direct from Ben Richardson and your dedicated broker.

Group Chat

We will set up a chat group for you to ask questions directly to your allocated broker and case handler

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Are You Financially Prepared for Death?

If you or a loved one dies, then it can, and probably will, have devastating financial consequences.

Our team will help you cope financially in the event of your death by advising and tailoring a suitable portfolio of life insurance products.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Paying off a mortgage should you or your partner die.

  • Providing a lump sum to loved ones in the event of death to pay off debts.

  • Providing an income for your children should you die.

  • Providing financial security to your family should you die.

  • Paying funeral expenses.

  • Over 50’s plans.

  • Help and support on what the fire service charity can do for you.

What We Can Do
For You

Specialist knowledge and advice on mortgage and life style protection products for Firefighters and fire services personnel. We help check your contracts to see what cover you already have in place.

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Amy C.

Fab service from both Ben and Mel to help me and my partner buy our first property! The whatsapp group chat is a great idea as it helps keep us both up to date with what is happening through the process. Thank you so much Ben and Mel! :)